A video news report

This video news report is a useful summary of the progress on Notre Dame after the fire, so far.


Climate change and wood

line of trees
Photo: Tim Brown

Climate change doesn’t effect Notre Dame’s restoration, except…

it does.

The roof needs a lot of excellent quality beams of wood to repair. Quality wood is now in short supply. As climate change bites the quality wood will only become more difficult to come by.

Why are many wars fought in the name of religion?

Photo: Julio Etchart
Paralympics at the London 2012 Olympic Stadium

The simple thing is, it’s an easy excuse and if done in a certain way, can build armies easily.

I’ve said it before, I’m a scientist, so I don’t believe in religion, at least not in any traditional way. But there are certainly things we have yet to discover.

Perhaps some things should always be regarded as magic.