At Notre Dame as well as the forecourt the crypt will probably open too

Notre Dame exterior
Photo: Vicente Sargues

As an addition to our story that Notre Dame could reopen to the public as early as next month the crypt will probably open too.

Emmanuel Grégoire, deputy mayor of Paris, said the internationally cherished cathedral’s plaza and crypt should reopen sometime before the summer “if everything goes OK,

Visit Notre Dame being rebuilt in a VR

roof after the fire

This sixteen-minute VR experience takes you around the cathedral, reconstructing the terrible fire of last April, showing superimposed images of the past life and the present emptiness of the cathedral.

A bunch of outstanding personalities accompany the public on this interesting journey, by showing vibrant images of the cathedral taken from various archives and alternating them with some bleak images of its current condition.

Boris Johnson loses his chancellor

Johnson and new chancellor
Photo: Reuters
Boris Johnson with his new chancellor, ‘golden boy’ Rishi Sunak, who must prove he is not a glove puppet.

That the ex-chencellor Sajid Javid made a large donation on behalf of the British Government to help restore Notre Dame is completely unproven.

That Boris Johnson wanted to sack all his advisors is a fact.

We are in a strange world where Britain is becoming extremely right-wing.

Still, there is always comedy, right?

Isn’t there?

The new chancellor Rishi Sunak married, in 2009, Akshata Murthy, the daughter of an Indian billionaire and co-founder of Infosys.

In wake of the devastating 2019 Notre Dame fire, authors write

Notre Dame
Photo: Jeff Whyte

The silver lining in the Notre Dame fire is that no human lives were lost. An alarm was sounded and the cathedral was cleared a half hour before flames were sighted. There has been no evidence found, as of yet, that the burning was the act of a terrorist.

Notre Dame has survived desecration during the French Revolution, German bombings during both World War I and II, and shifts of architectural and decorative tastes. It will rise again even if it takes longer than French President Macron predicts.

Ken Follett and Kathy Borrus have new books.

Trump buys Notre Dame


Donald Trump, the President of the United States, buys Notre Dame and turns it into a hotel, but only in his dreams. The new roof will not be a swimming pool even through the graphic looks rather nice.

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, was not consulted about this, or anything important.

Hahahaha, it’s only a joke, please smile.

Notre Dame could reopen to the public as early as next month

workers in Notre Dame
Photo: Stephan de Sakutin

Well, at least the forecourt in front, anyway.

Paris officials have announced that the forecourt in front of the fire-damaged Notre Dame cathedral could reopen to the public as early as next month. Local authorities said on Wednesday that the square will be accessible as soon as it gets the all-clear from health and safety officials, who are still concerned about the presence of toxic lead particles in the area.

So what is happening to Notre Dame’s bees?

Bees on the roof of Notre Dame
Photo: Dmitry Kostyukov

The bees of Notre Dame, whose escape from the inferno seemed almost miraculous, are thriving and conserving their energy ready to produce honey this summer, just as they have every year since they took up residence on the sacristy roof in 2013.

To remember the 75th anniversary of the Holocaust

Photo: Getty Images

This is not about Notre Dame but it is to remember all the millions of people who died in the 2nd World War because of their beliefs.

Now I’m not a traditional believer, as a scientist I think their are lots of problems with the belief in any God, but I believe you should respect the belief of others, provided their belief is not violent.

Why removing the melted scaffolding from Notre Dame may be the key

scaffolding melted
Photo: Lionel Bonaventure

Removing that scaffolding will be as complicated as it is crucial. Multiple levels of steel beams will need to be placed around the scaffolding to provide support and stabilization. Technicians, who will be lowered into the web of tangled scaffolding by telescoping crawler cranes, must carefully coat the pipes to minimize lead pollution from the burned roof before ultimately cutting the obstructions away.