Donald Trump meets Macron and Johnson


We’ve just learned that in a private meeting on the D-Day anniversary, President Donald Trump met French President Emmanuel Macron  and also British hopeful for the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, at a small Mexican restaurant in Paris.

Bizarrely, Adam Hills was also there, as he had been in London.

It is understood that the purpose of the meeting was for Trump to put a proposal to buy Notre Dame cathedral to turn it into a hotel. Apparently Trump has fallen in love with the roof being restored as a vast swimming pool.

Okay, this won’t happen, but…

Also Trump has said that if the deal didn’t happen he was impressed by how easy it was on invade France and if necessary he was sure he could rely on Boris Johnson to support him.


Westminster Abbey

westminster abbey
Photo: Tim Brown

I lived in London for many years and visited Westminster Abbey a few times although perhaps not as much as I should. But then I only visited the Tower Of London a couple of times. i find we often don’t fully appreciate a city in which we live.

Westminster Abbey is younger than Notre Dame, but is a glorious building.

There was a roof fire in Westminster Abbey during the second World War.

On the evening of the May 10th 1941, Westminster Abbey precincts and roof were hit by incendiary bombs. All the bombs were extinguished except for one which ignited out of reach among the wooden beams and plaster vault of the lantern roof over the North Transept. Finally the Lantern roof crashed down, preventing the fires from spreading further.

If possible…

video still
Photo: Tim Brown

I like to post at least one update a day but there’s not always a news story about Notre Dame. So if you would like to know a little bit more about me I’ve been doing a short daily video every day since 4th November 2018. I’ve never yet missed a day so as I write this I’m up to 213…

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The oldest constuction

Stonehenge was first built around 5,000 years ago. There have been lots of theories about why it was built but no-one is certain.

It probably had something to do with death, there are lots of burial mounds nearby, but perhaps in was some sort of primitive clock. Perhaps it was both.

But whatever its purpose, the construction was laborious and impressive.  That some of it remains today is a testament to the builders.

In the modern world…

Photo: E. J. Reine

Why do we need armies in the modern world? Can’t everyone just enjoy the beautiful world in which we live?

Has there ever been a period where there was NOT a war somewhere in the world?

Not in modern times, that I’m aware of. Perhaps when we didn’t have almost instant communication, perhaps.

And so we need the military to protect ourselves, but the craft in buildings like Notre Dame is better.

Why are many wars fought in the name of religion?

Photo: Julio Etchart
Paralympics at the London 2012 Olympic Stadium

The simple thing is, it’s an easy excuse and if done in a certain way, can build armies easily.

I’ve said it before, I’m a scientist, so I don’t believe in religion, at least not in any traditional way. But there are certainly things we have yet to discover.

Perhaps some things should always be regarded as magic.


In an ideal world…

Photo: Tim Brown

…we’d have a world goverment and everyone would live under the same rules.

But we’re a long way from that. Possibly, perhaps probably, that will never happen. People are too different.

But the craft in buildings like Notre Dame is timeless, even if it doesn’t last forever.

Maybe I shouldn’t publish this…

blood moon
Photo: Tim Brown

hahahaha, maybe…

You see I find most of the established religions, including the Catholic religion which is responsible for Notre Dame (although not the building now, which has been released to the French state), rather like cults.

To be fair, many of the people in religions are nice, but does any of them have an epiphany?

And many wars supposedly about religion…

As I’ve said before, there may be something but most of us won’t find out anything until we die, and perhaps not even then.


There are more things in heaven and Earth…


As I’ve said before I’m a scientist, this is a post not about Notre Dame but about me.

“There are more things in heaven and Earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” A quote from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5 where Hamlet is speaking to Horatio. Well of course in Shakespeare’s time that was most definitely true. They hadn’t discovered electricity for example.

We like to think we know most of the Universe now but I think there may be much more out there than we have any clue of.

Ants don’t understand humans or the world in which we live. So perhaps there might be… I don’t know, can’t know… but…

I am not religious, I don’t have any faith, but there may be something.