Sometimes there is something truly bad

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Not about Notre Dame today and certainly not a joke.

There have been two mass shootings in the USA overnight.

At least 20 people have been killed at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and at least 9 people are dead in Dayton, Ohio. Only a single but different and unconnected male was responsible for each incident. The shooter in Dayton was killed by police while the El Paso shooter gave himself up after the carnage.

This is not the world we should be living in.

If you use voice with Google…

you should now be able to say “Okay Google, speak to restoring Notre Dame” and get an answer. Maybe then say “what is the update today?” and get a response. But the first time you may need to click to the link below, sign-in to the Google account with the same account used to register the device you wish to use the voice app on and then click to the ‘send to device’ link before the first time you use it. Feedback welcome!

It’s the first public release so things might not work quite right or you may not be able to do what you want. Leave a comment and that gives us some things to work for in a next release.

It’s 50 years today since humans first walked on the moon

moon landscape
Photo: Armstrong NASA

“We should be ashamed at our lack of progress in space travel.” Buzz Aldrin at the 50th anniversary.

You may think this is nothing to do with Notre Dame, and in some ways it may seem unrelated. In some ways it is, but in other ways it stems from the same narrative.

I was lucky enough, as an eight-year-old, to watch the first moon walk live on TV from England in the middle of the night.

To be the best you can be and go to places no one has been before.

And yet…

I’m starting a sci-fi story, again it has nothing directly to do with Notre Dame, but somehow…

Read the first chapter of the story below and follow the story for more updates.

The first chapter

The Tour De France is a magnificent tour through much of France’s gifted culture even if you don’t like cycling

Photo: Associated Press

Like Notre Dame, ravaged by fire in April, the towering cathedral in Reims also endured disaster, when it was heavily shelled in World War I. The ensuing inferno shattered and blackened its massive stone pillars and exquisite sculptures and heavily damaged luminous stained-glass windows that, now restored, bathe its cool and cavernous interior in a rainbow of colour. Flames also melted the lead roof, which dripped through the gargoyles.