When the great fire of London claimed Saint Paul’s cathedral in 1666

Old St Pauls
Old St Paul’s cathedral destroyed by fire in 1666

Stones exploded like fireballs due to the heat. It took less than an hour for the old cathedral to be lost.

But Christopher Wren’s new cathedral is a worthy replacement. Although it took quite a while. It was started on 30th July 1669, but the “topping out” of the cathedral (when the final stone was placed on the lantern) did not take place until 26th October 1708.


Do we have a chance when…

Trump with hurricane map
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The current President of the US, Donald Trump, suggests nuking hurricanes that might hit America. Can we restore Notre Dame first?


I like this headline on this report…

“The G7 Is Just Another Stage for a Presidential Sh*tshow”


Why climate conservation is the most important thing in the world

Greta Thunberg on her yacht
Greta Thunberg on her yacht to New York

Notre Dame may be slowly restored but if we don’t make peace with the climate there will be few people to see it.

Maybe it will just be a ruin where a future race in a few thousand years look at it and say “that’s a wonderful building but the people were doomed, they didn’t look after the climate.”

I admire Greta Thunberg for trying to make a difference but unless the majority of civilization respond, it may be too late.

Perhaps Prince Harry and Meghan should go everywhere in a small sailing yacht instead of a jet. I think Harry might enjoy that.

John Oliver’s assessment of Boris Johnson

still shot from video

Supporter or loather of the current UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, you should watch this:


Donald Trump is apparently a big fan of Mr Johnson, perhaps because the UK Prime Minister is in favour of Mr Trump buying Notre Dame in Paris and turning it into a hotel. Not all details in this report may be correct though.

Greenland is not for sale


As a followup to my earlier story that Trump perhaps wants to buy Greenland I think it’s important to record that aghast people of the land have replied categorically that the island is NOT for sale.


Perhaps Donald Trump should really consider buying Notre Dame and turning it into a hotel… hahahaha.

Donald Trump meets Macron and Johnson

Trump wants to buy Greenland?


Okay, so yesterday I wrote about a Notre Dame design competition where one of the entries (not the winner) proposed a waterway over the roof of the cathedral. What seems a long time ago now (although in fact only a few months) I did a joke about Trump wanting to buy Notre Dame and turn it into a hotel with a swimming pool on the roof.

But today, an apparently genuine story has emerged about Trump wanting to buy Greenland from Denmark…


There were some very strange entries in a design competition


Okay so the French parliament has said that Notre Dame should be rebuilt as before but that hasn’t discouraged some people from putting  some very strange entries in a design competition

One entry wanted a waterway across the roof, although the submitter clearly doesn’t understand how water works, especially downhill.

Still it’s a nice graphic.


Millions for restoring Notre Dame but what about ebola?

The Ebola outbreak in Congo is in its 12th month, mirroring the the West African Ebola outbreak that ravaged Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon in 2014. Then, it took years for the World Health Organization to raise enough money to end the outbreak.

Comparatively, within days of the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in France there was nearly $1 million in donations for the rebuild.