For the first time in over 37 years…

Photo: Tim Brown

The House of Commons in the UK sits on a Saturday for the first time since the Falklands war over 37 years ago.

This is not about Notre Dame but about the possiblity that the Brexit vote is passed today.

I will attempt to update this article as events unfold.

At around 9:30am UK time the debabe began with a statement from the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Update 14:50

The Letwin amendment to the bill has been passed 322 to 306. So (if the EU agrees) Britain will not leave on the 31st but… Johnson still thinks there’s a way…

Update 22:35

And so Boris Johnson, despite saying he wouldn’t, has sent a letter requesting an extension to the EU.

And so, the debate continues…

Jennifer Arcuri addresses Boris Johnson pole dancing rumours

Jennifer Arcuri
Jennifer Arcuri with her pole

Obviously this is not about Notre Dame or the false rumour that Boris Johnson suggested dancing poles to Donald Trump if he bought Notre Dame and turned it into a hotel.

However Jennifer Arcuri was asked the question today about the Boris Johnson pole dancing rumours. Jennifer Arcuri had a dancing pole in her flat in London and Boris Johnson, whilst Mayor of London, visited the flat several times.

That Boris Johnson was actually paying for pole dancing lessons isn’t confirmed and as far as we know has never been asked.

When there’s no new news on Notre Dame there’s always Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson
Photo: Jeff Overs

Though perhaps not for much longer, Boris Johnson might lose the UK Prime Minister position next week becoming the shortest Prime Minister ever to hold office.

Or he might survive to the time being, who knows? Certainly not Boris.


If you want to go to Notre Dame it won’t be by Thomas Cook any more

Thomas Cook aircraft
Photo: Phil Noble

The travel company Thomas Cook has collapsed today, so if you’re not already in Paris you’ll have to find another way to visit Notre Dame . Not that you would likely have booked with that company in the first place. It has been in a mess and badly run for years. Mind you, the big bosses still got a lot of money even if they didn’t know how to run a company well.

Greta Thunberg and school students led climate crisis protest

protest people
Photo: Getty Images
Young activists in San Francisco, California

I’ve said before that if the World isn’t saved then the restoration of Notre Dame is redundant.

Yesterday, millions of people led by Greta Thunberg tried to raise public awareness of the climate change and its upcoming catastrophe. But perhaps it’s already too late.