Notre Dame from cathedral to novel, to Disney

A bell of Notre Dame
A bell of Notre Dame, when they were in the place before the fire

It is said that Victor Hugo wrote Notre-Dame de Paris  in 1831 almost as an ode to the medieval Catholic cathedral in an effort to draw attention to the value of the Gothic architecture.

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Not a good start Boris

John Oliver

So far, the new current UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has lost six votes in the House of Parliament. In about 10 years in power, Margaret Thatcher only lost four. This feels like another opening for John Oliver…

And none of them mention Notre Dame even once!

Oh and if you didn’t catch John Oliver’s original assessment of Boris, here it is:

John Oliver’s assessment of Boris Johnson

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Another appeal for writers

pen and keyboard
Photo: Tim Brown

Look, there’s no money in it…


But who knows what might happen in the future?

You can write anything, it doesn’t have to be about Notre Dame, but some mention of it is always nice.  Oh I just did that then…

It can be silly or serious, and as long as it passes my liberate editorial…

You might become famous for it. We can but hope.

now here’s my earlier appeal…

Calling all writers – updated

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$1 billion for Notre Dame, how much for the Amazon rainforest?

Rainforest on fire
Photo: AP

No one can deny the history and significance of Notre Dame, a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. Why then have we been slow to act with the same fervor and emotion when our Earth’s largest, most diverse rainforest is engulfed in flames?

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I’m not Boris Johnson

not Boris Johnson
Photo: Tim Brown

I don’t have the hair, but if I had…

I think I’d just make jokes. He’s gone into the wrong job, he should just be a comedian. At least then people might be able to walk out on his act.

Meanwhile the real news is not getting covered properly. A devastating hurricane has hit The Bahamas, so sorry for everyone out there.


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Jacob Rees-Mogg slouching in the Commons

lazy Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg is the leader of the House and he slouched in the Commons yesterday.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson the current UK Prime Minister,  has a 100% record for losing all Commons votes.

This is the UK Parliament at the moment, it’s ridiculous. Some politicians need a new job. Perhaps they might help with restoring Notre Dame, though if it were my choice I wouldn’t let any of them near.


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What is the site about?

creating art
Photo: Mark Morris

Well if there is something new about Notre Dame in Paris I will try to cover it, but the restoration of the cathedral will take many years. I like to do a post almost every day if possible.

In the meantime there are a lot of things going on that I’d perhaps like to comment on. In an ideal world I’d like everyone to live under the same rules, be fed and loved as default. There would be no crime because we would all be happy.

But that is a fantasy.

We have politicians.

The UK is a mess.

But at least we have people live John Oliver, even if he now lives in the US. My post on his assessment of Boris Johnson has been one of the most successful, so far…

John Oliver’s assessment of Boris Johnson


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Greta Thunberg at UN in New York with crowds

Greta Thunberg
Photo: Alba Vigaray
Greta Thunberg outside the UN headquarters in New York, on 30 August

On Wednesday climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York on her yacht. Yesterday she was joined by swelling and excited crowds of American teenagers at a protest outside the UN headquarters in New York.

Nothing to do with Notre Dame except it’s now got to the point that if we don’t tackle the climate changes, we won’t be around to see Notre Dame restored.


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What to do with the spaces?

former church
Photo: Wainger Group
A condo constructed in a former church building located in Washington, D.C.

“More than a national icon or a touristic spot, cathedrals such as Notre Dame reveal their soul when they house singing and baptisms, confession and pardon, preaching and prayer.” wrote Pastor René Breuel for The Washington Post.

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