Sympathy for Australia

Australian bush fire

A fire took hold of Notre Dame in April last year and it left an immense mess but nobody was killed. Right now in Australia bush fires are burning the country. Some people are dying and tens of thousands of people are displaced.

Climate change is happening, and happening right now.

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Welcome to the 20s from this Notre Dame site

New Year at Notre Dame

Some people know the 1920s as the roaring twenties but for many people the 1920s were years of little money and depression. So what will the 2020s bring?

I don’t know of course, but as long as it’s not as bad as 2019 when, in April, a massive fire almost destroyed Notre Dame and later Boris Johnson was made UK Prime Minister, it might be better.

But of course as climate change takes hold, it might be worse.

And if you listen to this post on a Google Speaker, it may include something else.

Here’s how to use a Google speaker:

If you use voice with Google…

Happy Hew Year everybody.

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Boris Johnson has a hard time in a Sunday interview

Johnson on Sophy Ridge show

Boris Johnson was being interviewed by Sophy Ridge this Sunday. He was doing okay until one question.

A month ago, Sophy had asked Boris Johnson to name the naughtiest thing he had ever done. Now she was going to get an answer. Although Johnson didn’t mention Notre Dame he had once cycled on a pavement.

“Cycling on a pavement?” a startled Ridge repeated. Did the prime minister really think that was a more serious offence than conspiring to get a journalist beaten up? Or getting Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe a longer sentence in an Iranian jail? Or being sacked for making up stories as a journalist?

Johnson just blinked.

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Trump leaves London early as other leaders snigger at him

Photo: EJR

Donald Trump was at a meeting in London with other world leaders to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of NATO.  As far as we’re aware, Trump did not discuss with French President Macron buying Notre Dame in Paris and turning it into a hotel.

But several leaders including Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau were spotted sniggering at Trump at a reception.

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why does anyone take Nigel Farage seriously?

Nigel Farage is a clown, whether you support Brexit or not, he is a clown and he’s made lots of money out of the EU. Today, Nigel Farage has accused Boris Johnson and the Tories of trying to get Brexit Party candidates to stand aside from the upcoming UK election and they might get something, perhaps a peerage. Of course Johnson denies it.

But whatever happened, it’s just silly and it has nothing to do with Notre Dame.

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Sometimes a sentence or two if all you need

Boris Johnson

John Crace in The Guardian writes:

“But with Johnson, we are in an ethical wild west. He doesn’t really believe in anything except himself. He is the career sociopath for whom other people are mere satellites orbiting a never satisfied.”

Boris Johnson is not involved in buying Notre Dame in Paris with Donald Trump and turning it into a hotel, whatever anyone might think.

Donald Trump meets Macron and Johnson

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Now there will be a General Election in the UK…

Boris Johnson signature
This is the signature of Boris Johnson when he signed the letter to Donald Tusk acknowledging the 31st January extension for Britain’s membership of the EU.

Here’s Boris Johnson’s signature. He hasn’t sent a letter to Notre Dame (that I know of).

The main thing I notice about this isn’t the signature itself but that he hasn’t bothered to write ‘sincerely’ correctly. Now I’m not a graphologist but this seems to sum up Boris Johnson’s character for me.

You can’t believe anything he says without other independent facts.

What will be the result on the 12th of December? Who knows.

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