Farage denies Brexit will mean cheaper cocaine

Farage in car
Photo: Reuters

Nigel Farage is incensed that a newspaper article has apparently misquoted him.

“I was talking about Coke, the drink not a drug” Farage has since said. He also added that it might be better talking to Michael Gove about this and laughed quite a bit.

He closed by saying that although he’d only met Donald Trump “briefly” when Trump had been in the UK he thought Trump’s plan to turn Notre Dame in Paris into a luxury hotel was “exciting” with the pool on roof “inspired”.

Donald Trump meets Macron and Johnson


We’ve just learned that in a private meeting on the D-Day anniversary, President Donald Trump met French President Emmanuel Macron  and also British hopeful for the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, at a small Mexican restaurant in Paris.

Bizarrely, Adam Hills was also there, as he had been in London.

It is understood that the purpose of the meeting was for Trump to put a proposal to buy Notre Dame cathedral to turn it into a hotel. Apparently Trump has fallen in love with the roof being restored as a vast swimming pool.

Okay, this won’t happen, but…

Also Trump has said that if the deal didn’t happen he was impressed by how easy it was on invade France and if necessary he was sure he could rely on Boris Johnson to support him.