Donations must be used to restore Notre Dame, court says

workers outside Notre Dame
Photo: Getty Images

The French court of auditors has published a report insisting that the donations received to help rebuild Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral must not be used to fund the public body that is overseeing the restoration, but rather to directly fund the cathedral’s reconstruction.

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Carpenters display truss at Notre Dame

Photo: AP

With precision and boundless energy, a team of carpenters used medieval techniques to raise up — by hand — a 3-ton oak truss Saturday in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, a replica of the wooden structures that were consumed in the landmark’s devastating April 2019 fire that also toppled its spire.

The truss mounted for the weekend display is a replica of truss No. 7, more advanced that the first six trusses, which were “more primitive,” said Florian Carpentier, site manager for the team from Carpenters Without Borders team that felled the trees and used axes to cut the logs for the wooden frame. With rope cables and a rustic pulley system, the carpenters slowly pulled the truss they built in July from the ground where it was laid out.

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Notre Dame crypt reopens on Wednesday, 18 months after the blaze

Notre Dame exterior
Photo: Alain Jocaird (AFP)

The archeological crypt of Notre Dame reopens on Wednesday, 9th September, with an exhibition retracing the cathedral’s turbulent history nearly 18 months after it was ravaged by fire.

The exhibition pays homage to French writer Victor Hugo and the architect Eugene Viollet-Le-Duc, the two men behind the resurrection of the cathedral in the 19th century.

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Notre Dame fire deposited one metric ton of lead Into Paris

Notre Dame fire
Photo: Carolin Krug

A new study published in the journal GeoHealth has assessed the fallout from the blaze and found that the 460 tons of lead tiles on the roof of Notre Dame cathedral triggered a 20-fold increase in airborne lead concentrations in neighboring Paris at a distance of 31 miles from the fire.

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New VR experience recreates Notre Dame, the fire before, during and after

the VR
Photo: FlyView Paris

A new virtual reality (VR) experience about the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris takes visitors into the cathedral both before, during and after the April 2019 fire.

Rebuilding Notre Dame begins by recounting the history of the gothic cathedral with close-ups of its gargoyles, bells and sacristy alongside the rector Patrick Chauvet talking about his sense of vocation. This footage was made three months prior to the fire for a Targo documentary on Chauvet.

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The organ of Notre Dame getting a four-year clean

Notre Dame organ
Photo: AP

Pipe by precious pipe, the organ that once thundered through Notre Dame Cathedral is being taken apart after last year’s devastating fire.

The mammoth task of dismantling, cleaning and re-assembling France’s largest musical instrument started Monday and is expected to last nearly four years. It will take six months just to tune the organ, and its music isn’t expected to resound again through the medieval Paris monument until 2024, according to the state agency overseeing Notre Dame’s restoration.

Amazingly, the 8,000-pipe organ survived the April 2019 fire that consumed the cathedral’s roof and toppled its spire. But the blaze coated the instrument in toxic lead dust that must now be painstakingly removed.

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Lead from Notre Dame detected in Parisian honey

While all the honey fell within the EU’s allowable limits for safe consumption, honey from hives downwind of the Notre Dame fire had average lead concentrations up to four times that of samples collected in the suburbs or countryside surrounding the city, and up to three and a half times the amount found in Parisian honey pre-dating the fire.

Because honey bees forage within a two- to three-kilometer radius of their hive, honey can provide a useful localized snapshot of the environment. As the bees forage, they collect dust and airborne particles, which make their way into the honey.

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What inspired the spire of Notre Dame?

Amiens catherdral
Photo: Courtney Mares
Amiens catherdral

Amiens is the largest cathedral in France, with an inner volume twice the size of that of Notre Dame de Paris. Construction began on the Gothic cathedral in 1220, shortly after France acquired the relic of St. John the Baptist from Constantinople. Upon its construction, it became a popular destination for 13th-century pilgrims.

After French architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc led the restoration work on Amiens cathedral in the 19th century, he looked to the cathedral’s 16th-century wooden spire as the historic model for his design for the spire of Notre Dame de Paris.

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Notre Dame, a soaring budget

Gargoyles of Notre Dame

The budget for Notre Dame’s security, consolidation, and cleaning phase must be revised upwards. To date, it has reached 165 million euros, more than double the 80 million initially estimated.

This was explained, on July 2, 2020, by General Jean-Louis Georgelin, in his capacity as president of the public institution responsible for the conservation and restoration of Notre Dame.

Heard by the Cultural Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, the soldier wanted to be optimistic: the lead emissions from the cathedral are ancient history, the dismantling phase of the scaffolding has begun, and “all the people who work there are enthusiastic and proud,” he said.

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Notre Dame will be rebuilt as before

Notre Dame scaffolding
Photo: AP

No swimming pool or organic garden on the roof of the medieval Paris monument, or contemporary glass spire, or other modern twists. And to stay historically accurate, it will again be built with potentially toxic lead.

That’s the verdict reached by French President Emmanuel Macron, the cathedral’s present-day architects and the general in charge of the colossal reconstruction project for one of the world’s most treasured landmarks.

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