What will 2020 be for Notre Dame?

Photo: UMA/u-m-a.se
The swimming pool design was never actually submitted

The flames had barely been extinguished on the night of April 15th, 2019 when donations from around the world began pouring in to help with the rebuilding of Notre-Dame cathedral. But eight months on and the building remains swathed in scaffolding and officials have confirmed that there will be no Christmas Mass held there this year, for the first time in more than 200 years.

So what now?


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The Notre Dame fire prompted an orgy of wallet-waving

Notre Dame fire
Photo: Véronique de Viguerie

Barely had the dust settled on Notre Dame Cathedral, after the horrifying fire in April, than the world’s architects started cranking out visions of how the famous spire could be rebuilt.

But others maintain this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, beyond rethinking just the spire. “Paris has a problem with modern architecture,” says Jean-François Cabestan, an architectural historian. “Here is a chance for a proper international debate, not only about the spire, but how to re-plan the surrounding Île de la Cité – to turn it from a no man’s land for tourists into a real part of Paris.”


In other news, Notre Dame cathedral was one of the most-searched news topics on Google in the 2019.

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Notre Dame in gingerbread

gingerbread Notre Dame

Earlier this year one of the world’s most iconic landmarks burned as flames ripped through the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Several members of a Kansas City area church are trying to do their best to honor the cathedral in a festive way, they crafted a massive replica of the cathedral out of gingerbread, and it’s nearly all edible.


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New public body overseeing Notre Dame meets for the 1st time

Notre Dame after the fire
Photo: AFP

The board of trustees of the new public body overseeing the construction of Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral is meeting for the first time. Officials on Tuesday are discussing the roadmap for the building’s reconstruction, two days after the body was legally created.


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