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I am not religious but I do have an admiration for the people who maintain buildings like this. It takes dedication and perhaps a lifetime.

I got into the internet shorty after The Daily Telegraph first went on the web in 1994, known then as Electronic Telegraph. It was the first UK daily newspaper to go on the web and I had a good time there, the office then in Canary Wharf in the only tower at that time. Oh, and working at The Daily Telegraph doesn’t mean I’m right-wing.

My name is Tim Brown and I currently live in France although a long way from Paris. I’m something of a photographer and a very old site of mine is Careimages.com.

I’d like to document the process on restoring Notre Dame in detail, but I also think voice control of computers might be the next ‘big thing’. So, with that in mind, I’ve developed a Google voice app that you can use with this site. Details are here.

I like to post at least one update a day but there’s not always a news story about Notre Dame. So if you would like to know a little bit more about me I’ve been doing a short daily video every day since 4th November 2018. I’ve never yet missed a day, as of 17th April 2021 I’m up to 896…

hahahaha they are not all very good but at least there’s something.

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