A play

id: 1360

This has nothing to do with Notre Dame but is a play I wrote in 2019 before the pandemic. It might need a bit of rewriting now but I think it’s very good.


There’s a cryptographic signature included in the file that can be used to verify whether any changes have been made to the play since it was originally downloaded from https://www.restoringnotredame.com/

A digital signature does not prevent people from altering the file or for that matter removing the signature, however if the file is altered, the signature will no longer validate. If someone wanted to go to a lot of trouble they could even alter the file and then resign it. While the new signature would be valid for the file it wouldn’t be my signature.

If you’re so inclined you can check whether the digital signature is:
a) valid and
b) mine
use Acrobat Reader and the following digital settings file (inside a zip):  CertTimBrown