The Notre Dame organ has been removed for restoration

After the big April 2019 fire at Notre Dame the organ was damaged but repairable. A nearly 30-metre-high scaffolding was erected in the summer to enable the organ’s removal.

The keyboard console was the first element to be lifted out in early August, which freed up space so that a work surface could be installed in front of the instrument. Over the past four months, thousands of metal and wooden pipes and box springs have been taken away in four waterproof containers and transported to a warehouse in the Parisian region. All that remains in the cathedral is the sideboard, some bellows and several pipes that are too fragile or difficult to remove and will therefore be cleaned on site.

The symphonic organ has been the voice of Notre Dame since 1733. Its 8,000 pipes divided into 115 stops make it France’s largest instrument in terms of register.

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