Fragile cathedral might not be saved says rector

altar after the fire
Photo: Ludovic Marin
Taken shortly after the fire this picture shows shows the altar surrounded by charred debris

The rector of Notre Dame Cathedral, Patrick Chauvet, says the Paris landmark is still so fragile that there’s a “50% chance” the structure might not be saved, because scaffolding installed before this year’s fire is threatening the vaults of the Gothic monument.

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A very merry Christmas from everyone running this site

Notre Dame Christmas

Well they may not be having a traditional Christmas at Notre Dame this year but that doesn’t mean anyone should miss out on having a great time.

A very merry Christmas to everyone and may 2020 be a good year.

And there may be another podcast soon…

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What will 2020 be for Notre Dame?

Photo: UMA/
The swimming pool design was never actually submitted

The flames had barely been extinguished on the night of April 15th, 2019 when donations from around the world began pouring in to help with the rebuilding of Notre-Dame cathedral. But eight months on and the building remains swathed in scaffolding and officials have confirmed that there will be no Christmas Mass held there this year, for the first time in more than 200 years.

So what now?

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