The medieval myth of Notre Dame

Notre Dame the start of the restoration
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On April 15, 2019, a fire began during restoration work of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, the Roman Catholic cathedral first consecrated in the late 12th century, destroying large portions of the roof and a central spire. Notre Dame sits at the heart of France. The cathedral has hosted the coronation of an emperor, heard the funeral masses of presidents and prime ministers, and has survived centuries of political upheaval and war.

Jennifer Arcuri addresses Boris Johnson pole dancing rumours

Jennifer Arcuri
Jennifer Arcuri with her pole

Obviously this is not about Notre Dame or the false rumour that Boris Johnson suggested dancing poles to Donald Trump if he bought Notre Dame and turned it into a hotel.

However Jennifer Arcuri was asked the question today about the Boris Johnson pole dancing rumours. Jennifer Arcuri had a dancing pole in her flat in London and Boris Johnson, whilst Mayor of London, visited the flat several times.

That Boris Johnson was actually paying for pole dancing lessons isn’t confirmed and as far as we know has never been asked.

How an underwater forest in Ghana could help rebuild Notre Dame

dammed river
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Massive tropical trees have been submerged beneath Lake Volta since 1965, when the construction of Ghana’s Akosombo Dam flooded part of the Volta River Basin. Kete Krachi Timber Recovery argues that the wood is “much stronger” because it has been preserved from decay by the lake’s bog-like conditions, and has started to fossilise.

And where’s the money?

Photo: Rafael Yaghobzadeh
A construction worker rappels down the cathedral during preliminary work

Within days of the Notre Dame fire in April, a global community had pledged to donate more than €700 million, with other unspecified donations pushing the total even higher.

But as Associated Press reports, there have been months of delays in the pledged millions materializing, leaving officials reliant on small charity donations to fund early repairs.

The Notre Dame Foundation has received just €36 million from 46,000 individuals, 60 businesses and 29 municipalities between April 15 and the end of September, with some donations as small as one euro, AP reported.

Notre Dame, details of what has been done so far

Temporary roof cover
Temporary roof cover on Notre Dame

Five months ago, the world watched in horror as a raging fire consumed the roof and spire Notre Dame, Paris’s most famous monument, and threatened its very survival. Here is what has been done so far to consolidate the cathedral and prepare it for restoration and reconstruction.