Michael Heseltine sends an email

Again not about Notre Dame. This email was sent to a member of my family, I reproduce it here, with a picture of Rochester Cathedral, for no other reason than I like it.

From: Michael Heseltine <info@peoples-vote.uk>
Sent:  19 October 2019 18:56
Subject: What we must do next

Today was an historic day. One million of you, supporters of the
People’s Vote, outside Parliament while, inside MPs from all parties
stood firm against Boris Johnson’s efforts to force his hard and bitter
Brexit on our country.

From the Highlands, to Belfast, from Cardiff to Penzance, people came
from across every corner of the land to make themselves heard.

Whether they’d marched before, or this was their first time marching,
they turned up today to march together because the democratic solution is for the people to solve this crisis.

We will march on!

And now the Prime Minister must now obey the law and give MPs and the people the time needed to solve the crisis he has done so much to create.

That’s why we’re sending a letter, from the people to the powerful to
demand they don’t turn their backs and instead give the people the final say. Sign it now.

*click here to sign the letter*

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