If you use voice with Google…

you should now be able to say “Okay Google, speak to restoring Notre Dame” and get an answer. Maybe then say “what is the update today?” and get a response. But the first time you may need to click to the link below, sign-in to the Google account with the same account used to register the device you wish to use the voice app on and then click to the ‘send to device’ link before the first time you use it. Feedback welcome!


It’s the first public release so things might not work quite right or you may not be able to do what you want. Leave a comment and that gives us some things to work for in a next release.

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French group sues after Notre Dame fire

French environmental protection group Robin des Bois has filed a lawsuit over potential public health threats from lead that was released into the environment during Notre Dame Cathedral’s devastating fire. The group said it brought the lawsuit on grounds of deliberately endangering human life.


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Tour De France 2109 finishes in Paris

The winning team
Photo: EPA
The winner with his Ineos team.

For the first time, a Colombian (on a British team) is the winner.

As the riders entered the capital city, the race crossed the river Seine via Le Pont Neuf, close to the medieval cathedral of Notre Dame – French television chose not to show the building that was ravaged by fire in April.


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