Calling all writers – updated

Photo: Tim Brown

Anyone can submit a guest post and as long as it respectful of different beliefs and behaviours it will probably appear.

It doesn’t need to be about Notre Dame itself although some pieces about that would be most welcome. It can be about anything that a magnificent building like Notre Dame (or others) brings to mind.

Articles can be in your own name or with a pen name. I’d like to do a brief introduction about you, but that’s not required.

Updated to include:

I like good humour.

You can do humour too, even ‘fake news’ as long as it’s obvious that that is what it is. Notre Dame can easily be included  in those!

Trump wrong, the moon is not part of Mars

On Tuesday June 11th, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was forced to clean up the mess Trump made with his angry tweet that both criticized NASA’s goal to send people back to the Moon and said the moon was a part of Mars.

Oh and when the Notre Dame cathedral caught fire earlier in April, French officials corrected Trump’s unsolicited advice about how to fight the fire, noting Trump’s plan would have caused the entire structure to collapse.

Celebrate… in hard hats

after the fire
People walk on the Archeveche Bridge, in front of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, under repair after it was badly damaged by a huge fire on April 15, in the French capital Paris on May 31, 2019. (Photo by Bertrand GUAY / AFP)

Bishop Patrick Chauvet, Rector of Notre-Dame Cathedral, has announced that mass will be celebrated for the first time since the blaze on Saturday 15th or Sunday 16th of June and that hard hats will be mandatory.

If I know anything…

Tim with ice-cream
Photo: Tim Brown

the most important thing is to laugh and smile, whatever happens. Oh and don’t be responsible for anything bad, that’s very important too.

As the restoration of Notre Dame gets underway the genuine news stories are drying up a bit, though I hope to cover anything worthwhile. But as I hope to make at least one post a day and as I think life needs a little humour, I will continue with a little dig the people I consider ridiculous when I can.

Oh and I’ll try to include Notre Dame in any story if possible, just because.

Farage denies Brexit will mean cheaper cocaine

Farage in car
Photo: Reuters

Nigel Farage is incensed that a newspaper article has apparently misquoted him.

“I was talking about Coke, the drink not a drug” Farage has since said. He also added that it might be better talking to Michael Gove about this and laughed quite a bit.

He closed by saying that although he’d only met Donald Trump “briefly” when Trump had been in the UK he thought Trump’s plan to turn Notre Dame in Paris into a luxury hotel was “exciting” with the pool on roof “inspired”.

Notre-Dame photograph hilights digital pitfalls

the fire
Photo: Flickr
Huge fire scars beloved Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris By Adam Nossiter and Aurelien Breeden Updated 10:03 pm PDT, Monday, April 15, 2019

After the fire of Notre Dame in April, an image began circulating online of two men smiling amid a sea of mourners. What discussion is was to bring.

Donald Trump meets Macron and Johnson


We’ve just learned that in a private meeting on the D-Day anniversary, President Donald Trump met French President Emmanuel Macron  and also British hopeful for the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, at a small Mexican restaurant in Paris.

Bizarrely, Adam Hills was also there, as he had been in London.

It is understood that the purpose of the meeting was for Trump to put a proposal to buy Notre Dame cathedral to turn it into a hotel. Apparently Trump has fallen in love with the roof being restored as a vast swimming pool.

Okay, this won’t happen, but…

Also Trump has said that if the deal didn’t happen he was impressed by how easy it was on invade France and if necessary he was sure he could rely on Boris Johnson to support him.