In an ideal world…

Photo: Tim Brown

…we’d have a world goverment and everyone would live under the same rules.

But we’re a long way from that. Possibly, perhaps probably, that will never happen. People are too different.

But the craft in buildings like Notre Dame is timeless, even if it doesn’t last forever.

Maybe I shouldn’t publish this…

blood moon
Photo: Tim Brown

hahahaha, maybe…

You see I find most of the established religions, including the Catholic religion which is responsible for Notre Dame (although not the building now, which has been released to the French state), rather like cults.

To be fair, many of the people in religions are nice, but does any of them have an epiphany?

And many wars supposedly about religion…

As I’ve said before, there may be something but most of us won’t find out anything until we die, and perhaps not even then.


The work in progress

Giant nets have been installed to catch falling debris and protect workers using robots to remove the rubble in Notre Dame.